Companies don’t perform penetration tests, people do. This is why a part of our success is to due to the Team of Centurions, all being equal contributors to our success.

What Makes us Different as a Team

Centurions were professional officers and backbone of the Roman army. As soldiers, they were known for their expertise with weaponry, dedication, and valour in battle, and as a result were made officers.

Similarly, the backbone of our organisation are the passionate people, all of them enabled to become Centurions by following best practices integrated in the foundation of our process-driven organisation. To this end, Centurion is deemed a fitting name.

As a customer, you benefit from this practice by avoiding ‘team lottery’ - the variation on service you will notice depending on who gets assigned to deliver your projects.

We combine superior ethical hacking prowess, trusted business acumen, comprehensive reporting, and unparalleled delivery, gained from hundreds of security assessments conducted by our information security experts.


Hire passionate people, invest in talent development, lead the industry.

Regardless of whether we have any current positions available we are always looking to meet new talent.

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