Centurion Information Security is a consulting firm based in Singapore that specialises in security assessment services. Our team consists of the most qualified consultants handpicked from our rigorous selection process designed to identify passionate people with ethical values and strong technical excellence. We take pride in producing consistent results of the highest standards through a well-defined methodology, and believe that success is in continuous learning and development as individuals and as a team. To date, we have assisted clients ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises, to multinational corporations across different industries, and government entities to navigate through difficult security challenges by providing actionable and tactical advice to manage risk.

We do not provide checkbox security services which often create a false sense of security; instead we provide comprehensive, high quality, and value for money services to build trusted relationships with our clients. We apply a quality assurance process to ensure that each test meets our client’s requirements in a secure and productive manner and provide quantified risk ratings (CVSS) with insightful reporting for both technical specialists and business representatives.

Research and Public Speaking

2021 September 21
NUS Greyhats - [SecWed] Static code analysis with Semgrep
Terry Chia

2019 September 20
CRESTCon Asia Presentation: EBPF - Android Reverse Engineering Superpowers
Terry Chia

2019 June 20
Infosec In the City - Analyzing Kony Mobile Applications
Terry Chia

2018 September 4
Burp Extension Training
Sunny Neo

2017 December 14
One SSO to rule them all: The PS_TOKEN
Sayed Hamzah

2017 July 29
DEF CON 25 - Microservices and FaaS for Offensive Security
Ryan Baxendale

2017 July 25
BSidesLV - Microservices And FaaS For Offensive Security
Ryan Baxendale