Network Architecture Review

Centurion reviews your organisation’s network architecture diagrams and relevant documentation, then conducts a discussion with key people to get a complete understanding of your network architecture.

Our approach is to provide our best effort to verify the accuracy of the network architecture documentation through reviewing the configuration and firewall rules of critical networking devices.

We analyse the configuration of networking devices according to best practices and the manufacturers security guidelines to identify weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities.

Business partner connections are often overlooked and assumed to be trusted and isolated to only provide access to the minimum required network resources. This implied trust is typically only provided through a legal document or contract to provide a service, with no explicit statements on the security of the network. Centurion provides you with insight into understanding the network connections between your organisations network and your business partners networks, to identify any potential risk to your organisation, in the event that your business partners falls victim to a successful compromise or turn malicious.

With every service we provide at Centurion, we apply our hacker mindset to bring a real world approach to identifying meaningful changes that can increase the overall security of your organisation. Part of applying this approach when reviewing your organisation’s network architecture is to identify weaknesses that allow for a single successful compromise to pivot or move laterally to cause an impact to your entire organisation. Our recommendations will enable you to contain and isolate network segments to manage the risk of a successful compromise.

Centurion acts with complete independence and with your best interests in mind. We do not recommend vendor specific solutions, products, or services, instead we help you to find cost efficient solutions to leverage your existing technology and IT assets.