Cyber Security Advisory

Finding a suitable candidate to fill the role of the CISO can be challenging due to the high caliber of necessary skills and experience required. In many cases, the best solution is to use an experienced third party consultant that understands the role of the CISO and has the support of a team of industry experts and resources to ensure you get the best information and advice.

Centurion can provide you with the CISO caliber experience at a fraction of the cost of an actual hire. Save time and money and let Centurion be your trusted advisor in the role of your interim CISO.

Leverage our knowledge and experience working with small and large organisations across multiple industries, to provide you with advice to support your information technology staff and operations along the way.

How We Can Help

We apply our experience in penetration testing and our ethical hacking mindset to enable our clients to design, implement, and operate a secure IT infrastructure.

Centurion can provide assistance during the vendor procurement process to identify and ensure that information security requirements are clearly communicated and included in the contractual agreement.

The adoption of new technologies can pose a challenge to business leaders when making strategic and innovative decisions while still being able to manage the risk across the organisation. Centurion provides advice on the risks involved with new technologies to help our clients make well informed strategic decisions in the direction of the IT and to ensure their organisations information security objectives and measures are aligned to their business strategy.

Our broad experience working with multiple organisations across industries enables Centurion to analyse your organisations unique IT processes and infrastructure to identify meaningful areas of improvement. Centurion works closely with your information technology staff to provide hands on training and facilitates the transfer of our knowledge to key members of your organisation to enable them to better defend your organisation and increase the overall security state of your organisation.


Centurion acts with complete independence and with your best interests in mind. We do not recommend vendor specific solutions, products, or services, instead we help you to find cost efficient solutions to leverage your existing technology and IT assets.