About Centurion

The cyber landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Every business has become a potential victim of a cyber attack. Although the motives, methods, and opportunities may differ but information security is no longer entirely a technical issue anymore as it has become more of a business issue.

What We Do

Centurion Information Security is a Singapore based dedicated provider of penetration testing and security advisory services. We do penetration testing of information systems and offer actionable risk mitigation plans thus providing technical assurance and allowing our customers to retain perception of the brand among their clients, to manage the cost of information risk to the business, and to reach the state beyond compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

We exist because we have a passion for improving the current state of information security, bringing it to world-class state, nurturing careers of future information security experts and making technology and cyberspace safer.

Our success will depend on:

  1. Putting the best practices in the foundation of our process-driven organisation
  2. Having a simple and clear mission and getting a buy-in from all members of the organisation
  3. Building a strong team of information security experts, making them stakeholders in the organisation’s success, nurturing them and taking care of their career paths
  4. Providing top-shelf service to the customers, every time; understanding what information security means to our their business and educating them on matters information security vs. just providing ethical hacking services

Our Core Values (a.k.a. The Power of Four Es):

  • Experience: This organisation was formed by industry experts with a proven track record and years of experience providing ethical hacking services for customers in Singapore.
  • Expertise: A profound expertise achieved from years of experience of the founders that is put in the foundation of the organisation in form of best practices in ethical hacking.
  • Excellence: The only thing we can control is how well we do what we do; best practices are in the foundation of our organisation.
  • Equality: We are building a strong team of information security experts, all being equal stakeholders in success of the organisation.