Penetration Testing Services

A penetration test exposes organisational weaknesses through techniques sometimes referred to as ethical hacking. This enables organisations to accurately determine the business and operational impacts of real world attacks and a successful compromise in a controlled environment.

Our Approach

We do not provide checkbox security services which often create a false sense of security; instead we provide comprehensive, high quality, and value for money services to build trusted relationships with our clients. We apply a quality assurance process to ensure that each test meets our client’s requirements in a secure and productive manner and provide quantified risk ratings (CVSS) with insightful reporting for both technical specialists and business representatives.

Centurion offers a wide range of penetration testing services designed to meet your specific needs, and we invite you to explore a sample of our penetration testing services.


Centurion identifies and examines vulnerabilities in your organisation’s external, Internet facing systems, and internal network to determine whether they can be circumvented or exploited to compromise targeted systems, or used to gain access to confidential information.

Network Penetration Testing


A wireless penetration test will expose the weaknesses in your organisation's established wireless infrastructure, users’ mobile phones, and wireless devices with privileged access to your organisation’s information.

Wireless Penetration Testing


Whether your organisation develops web, mobile, or desktop applications in-house or works with third-parties, time constraints and a lack of awareness of secure software development practices, often results in an application with the potential to put your organisation’s information and systems at risk of compromise.

Application Penetration Testing

Product Evaluation

Commercial off the shelf products and solutions can appear to be mysterious black boxes that provide little or no assurance to their security capabilities required to protect your organisation’s information. We provide your organisation with insight into the security capabilities of these black boxes through our penetration testing approach to evaluate the security of third party products and solutions.

Product Evaluation and Penetration Testing