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Why Join the Team of Centurions?

Ready to turn your love of ethical hacking into a top-paying career? Get to know Centurion Information Security.

We're the information security thought leaders and consultants at the leading edge of information security consulting, and we're ramping up. Joining us at this critical point in our company's growth may be just the opportunity you need to skyrocket your career.

Our customers hire us because we are experts. Centurion wants each of our employees to become experts. At Centurion, you'll be exposed to more industries, get involved with more research, and you'll find no roadblocks to your learning potential. Not only will Centurion take care of your career path with training and talent development roadmap for each person, you will also have a chance to become a stakeholder in success of Centurion by being entitled to shares of the company. We're self-starters who think like entrepreneurs, and we make it our business to be steps ahead of each of our customers' security needs. Yes, we perform at a demanding pace, but the payoff is great.

Your timing could not be better. Figures from the Infocomm Development Authority’s (IDA) Infocomm Technology Roadmap 2012 – Cybersecurity, released in 2011, show that the global cyber security market was worth S$80 billion that year, and is expected to grow to an estimated US$120.1 billion by 2017. The market in the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow even faster to reach US$26 billion by 2017. It is one of the key drivers in the booming information and communications technology (ICT) sector, which is also experiencing unprecedented growth. ICT is one of Singapore’s most significant service sectors, contributing about $9.1 billion to GDP in 2011 and accounting for close to 6 per cent of service sector employment.

Current Job Openings

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